FotoFunBox for your wedding!

Order FotoFunBox for your wedding and make your day unique and unforgettable!

We bring you interactive entertainment with state-of-the-art technologies that, in addition to classic print photos, create animated gifs-videos, instant sharing boomerangs on your instagram or facebook.

Boomerangs and backdrops

Your guests will print a photo for themselves and for you, along with giving you a wedding book.

Guests choose from an infinite number of backgrounds, props, frames.

Photos, gifs and boomerangs can be sent to their emails or shared directly on instagram or facebook.

Endless selection of props

With FotoFunBox you can see live digital props you have chosen. Our digital props give your event an extremely entertaining character.

Our team consists of professional photography and technology experts. Thanks to the latest technologies we use, your wedding will be unforgettable and exceptional!

We are exceptional!

Private website with gallery of photos and animated gif-videos, boomerangs. Your guests choose from endless background, props right at the event.

With FotoFunBox you can send a personalized email with your own template.
We will adapt the website with gallery of gifs and photos to your wishes.

Your wedding will become an unforgettable event of the year and your life!

I want offer!

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